The Opstax Website: Under The Hood

Opstax Web Architecture

For multiple reasons such as security and privacy, many organisations would not publicly share the architecture of their website. In the name of transparency and open practice, we have decided to share ours with you. This is a simplified view of the infrastructure behind the Opstax website and blog:       Route53 First a user browses to, […]

5 months ago

Thinking about the Cloud? Watch this…

Opstax Cloud Art

6 months ago

Failed Autoscaling Launch: Lifecycle Hooks

CodeDeploy Lifecycle Hook failure

The other day, I was working on a new environment for an application. The source code is kept in AWS CodeCommit and will need to be deployed to this environment very regularly so CodePipeline & CodeDeploy were the preferred tools of choice. So, you push code to the test branch, CodePipeline does the build and deploys to the instances in […]

It’s Official… AWS Consulting Partner Status

Opstax AWS Consulting Partner Milton Keynes

The team at Opstax have been building world class cloud solutions on AWS for a long time. However, we felt we would be able to serve our customers even better by officially becoming AWS Consulting Partners. We are delighted to announce that we received confirmation of our shiny new status on Februrary 9th 2017. Becoming an […]